Change the Main App

The app directory in your project must contain a folder for the anvil app you want to run locally and app/config.yaml must point to that folder so that the app server starts the correct app.

Amoni includes a ‘hello_world’ app which is the default app when you first create a project.

To change the default to your own anvil app:

amoni app add <URL to your app> <Name of your app>

If the URL you provide is at (perhaps from within the Anvil IDE), you will need to Configure SSH in order for it to work.

Amoni will clone the repository from the URL you provide and add it as a git submodule to your amoni project. The submodule will be placed in the app folder.

Amoni will also change the settings in app/config.yaml so that the app server will now start the app you just installed and it will parse the app’s anvil.yaml file and add stub entries to anvil-stubs/tables/app_tables.pyi (so that your autcompleter will know what tables exist in your app).

Finally, amoni will commit the changes you’ve just made to your project.

You can now delete the ‘hello_world’ directory if you wish.

The next time you run ‘amoni start’, you should see your new app available in your browser.