Welcome to Amoni

Amoni is a command line tool to manage local development tasks for an Anvil application.

Amoni gives you:

  • A preconfigured postgresql server running in a docker container

  • A preconfigured Anvil application server running in a docker container

  • Simple commands to start and stop those servers

  • A preconfigured docker container to run your test suite

  • Convenient access to the anvil error log

  • Your app available in your browser at port 3030 on your local machine

  • Your database server available on port 5432 on your local machine

  • Commands to fetch an app from a remote repository and add it to your project either as the main app or as a dependency

  • Stub files so that your autocompleter can see the tables available in your app

So your workflow becomes:

amoni init
cd <my_new_amoni_project_directory>
amoni start

>>> Wait a while the first time while the server images download
>>> Point my browser at http://localhost:3030
>>> Marvel at how simple that was

amoni test

>>> Sigh with relief at those lovely passing tests

amoni stop

>>> Sup coffee (or beverage of choice)

Why the Name?

It’s Greek for anvil and the idea for this library was conceived on a sunny veranda on the island of Κέρκυρα (Corfu).