Getting Started

Create a New Amoni Project

In your terminal, navigate to a directory where you would like to create a new amoni project and run:

amoni init demo

Amoni will now create a new directory named demo and set up the necessary files and directories within it.

Start Your Servers

Change into your new directory and run:

amoni start

The first time you run this command, it will take several minutes to complete as it downloads the images for the servers.

Any subsequent times you run the command, the downloads will be unnecessary and the containers will start immediately.

You should see output ending with:

Starting anvil app and database servers
Your app is now available at http://localhost:3030

In your browser, navigate to that url and you should see your app running.

If there were any errors, you can open the anvil error log which you will find in the ‘logs’ directory of your project.

Run Your Tests

You can now run the test suite for your app using:

amoni test

The test files are in the ‘tests’ directory of your project and are run using pytest.

Stop Your Servers

When you are finished, you can stop your anvil and database servers using:

amoni stop