Use Autocompletion

Autocompleters generally use the libraries installed in your current python environment to provide autocompletion as you type. You should install the anvil-uplink package to add Anvil’s classes and functions:

pip install anvil-uplink

In addition, many autocompleters can use Python stub files to understand the options available to you as you type code.

Amoni makes use of this facility to provide autocompletion for the anvil app_tables module where the tables are defined within an app’s anvil.yaml file. To enable this feature, install the anvil-stubs package into your environment:

pip install anvil-stubs

Note - This package is provided by the anvilistas team and is not an official Anvil tool.

Amoni will then maintain additional stub files in your project’s anvil-stubs directory. Those are regenerated whenever you add an app or dependency to your project but you can refresh those at any time manually by running:

amoni stubs <name of your app>